Big Mill's Cheesesteaks - our restaurant's history in Gainesville, Florida.
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Our Story

108 years. Yup, the world waited for 108 years. For what you ask? For the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series! Know what else the world has been waiting for? (ok, maybe not the world, but just Gainesville), an amazing, mouth-watering, slap your grandma, Cheesesteak shop! Our owner, Keith Miller, a die-hard Cubby since he was a little guy, said, “If the Cubs can win a World Series, then I can open a Cheesesteak shop!” How did this unparalleled and wondrous miracle occur? Back in 2002, Keith rented a spot on the front lawn of the church on University Ave in Midtown Gville, set up a grill and a tent at every home Gator football game, and started selling his world famous Cheesesteak and sausage sandwiches. Thousands of students have enjoyed the experience, and alumni come back year after year for their favorite gameday chow down spot. Now YOU can experience these culinary delights all year round! Go Gators for giving us our start, and Go Cubs for making miracles happen. Welcome to Big Mill’s Cheesesteaks!

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